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What does it mean to serve Satan?

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2004 by the Church of Azazel. All rights reserved.

  1. Above all, know yourself and be true to yourself. Satan/Azazel is the ruler of what Christianity calls our "fallen nature" -- in other words, our nature, period. Because Satan rules our innermost self, we must know ourselves and be true to ourselves in order to serve Satan.

  2. Work, in some way, to diminish the power of the religions of Satan's avowed enemies. Or, if you live in a place where such religions are not common, then work to challenge some other popular dogma.

  3. Dare to question all dogmas, not just Christianity or Islam. Even the doctrines of the Church of Azazel itself should be accepted only on a tentative, best-guess basis, and only after careful consideration. The CoAz's doctrines are subject to revision if we are presented with a sufficiently convincing argument.

  4. Be strong. Face down your fears.

  5. Be realistic and practical. Satan is the God of this world. To serve Satan, we must be in touch with the realities of this world.

  6. Work to better your material circumstances (at least to some degree) and avoid self-destructive bahaviors, both for your own sake and so that you can serve Satan/Azazel better in the future.

  7. Work to develop yourself to become ever more than you are, on all levels -- spiritual and intellectual as well as material. Satan invites us to "become as gods" -- a goal that most of us will never fully reach, but still a goal worth approaching, even if only asymptotically.

  8. Ask Satan/Azazel for guidance.

  9. Take steps to ensure that you are not deceiving yourself.

Satan may call some people to serve Him in other ways in addition to the above. Satan deals with different people in different ways.

Some may ask:  Why is "Ask Satan/Azazel for guidance" so far down on the list? Why isn't it at the top of the list? Because, to avoid deceiving ourselves about guidance we believe we have received from Satan, we must first know ourselves. Therefore, knowing ourselves and being true to ourselves is paramount.

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