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The Church of Azazel is a theistic Satanist (non-LaVeyan) group with a polytheistic theology. It has roots in both modern Paganism and the Western occult tradition, plus a few ancient ideas, found in many different cultures, which most modern Pagans overlook. Our beliefs are neither purely "reverse-Christian" nor purely "dark Pagan." Our paradigm is a systematic synthesis of ideas from many different religions, both ancient and modern, unashamedly including some "reverse Christian" themes but by no means limited to them. Our pantheon includes Satan/Azazel, whom we see as a very multi-faceted deity, and a set of five distinct deities whom we call the Rising gods of the modern West: Lilith, Prometheus, Ishtar/Astarte, Pan, and Lucifer-of-Sophia. For an introduction to our beliefs, see (1) A brief introduction to the Church of Azazel paradigm, (2) Our core beliefs and their here-and-now basis, and (3) the Theology of the Church of Azazel.

We will hold rituals which center around reverence for Satan/Azazel. We will develop rituals to honor the five Rising Gods as well.

We also encourage philosophy, in the sense of learning to think clearly and deeply. And we encourage our members to take action, at least in small ways, toward at least one of the following goals: (1) politically opposing the religious right wing, (2) debunking Satanic panics, (3) raising the intellectual level of the Satanist scene, (4) promoting religious tolerance, or (5) countering the growth of the more fanatical and intolerant forms of Christianity and Islam themselves.

We aim to end the isolation between Satanists and the larger alternative religion scene. We aim to do this by participating in, and helping to build, groups that welcome people from all over the spectrum of Pagan, polytheistic, and occult paths. These will include groups devoted to each of our five Rising Gods.

As of January 2013, the Church of Azazel proto-congregation now has the structure described in the following sections of our history page: Current plans and Second (and current) serious attempt at building a local in-person group, beginning January 2013.

To be considered for membership in the budding local congregation in New York City, please do all of the following, in any order:

  1. Attend an open meeting of the New York City Church of Azazel proto-congregation itself, for discussion about the Church of Azazel and its paradigm and goals.
  2. Attend at least four meetings of any combination of the following groups that are distinct from the Church of Azazel proto-congregation itself, but are other places where we can begin getting to know you:
  3. Participate on our Meetup message board. After you join our Meetup group, it is strongly recommended that you adjust your email settings here to ensure that you receive notifications about discussions on our message board.

While you are getting to know us as people, you should also study the Church of Azazel website and be able to comment on it intelligently. You are not expected to agree 100% with everything, but you are expected to be articulate about specific points of both agreement and disagreement with the Church of Azazel's paradigm.

Note that our opposition to the religious right wing plays a key role in the Church of Azazel's beliefs and practices. Our spirituality is by no means limited to political and social activism. However, if you prefer not to pay attention to social and religious trends, then the Church of Azazel is not the right group for you. You're still welcome to attend NYC Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and LHP Occultists, where you're likely to meet other Satanists/Luciferians/etc. with whom you have more in common.

Note that the Church of Azazel is a law-abiding group. We do not condone violent crime, vandalism, etc. in the name of Satan, nor do our rituals involve any other illegal activities, such as illegal drug use.

Before you apply to join, it is strongly recommended that you read this entire website first, especially the section on Our beliefs and principles.

You may also wish to follow us on Facebook. (Note, however, that we don't use Facebook very much. Meetup is our central point of communication.)

Once you begin participating in coordinated solo rituals, you will be asked to keep a close eye on the following sub-forums of our Meetup message board, in particular:

Please adjust your email settings here to ensure that you receive at-most daily notifications about discussions on at least the above forums on our message board.

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