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Affirmation of our common purpose

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2009 by the Church of Azazel. All rights reserved.

Below is a short ritual intended to be said at Church of Azazel gatherings that are not rituals per se, such as our regular open meetings.

Main leader:

We gather together
in service to our Lord Satan,
God of freedom!
God of this world,
God of our flesh,
God of our innermost will,
God who beckons us beyond the comfortable and familiar.
Hail, Satan!


Hail, Azazel!

Main leader:

We gather together ...

Lead Lilith devotee:

As warriors of Lilith!

Lilith devotees:

Destroyer of the traditions of tyrants!

Lead Prometheus devotee:

And as warriors of Prometheus!

Prometheus devotees:

Bringer of fire and knowledge!

Lead Ishtar devotee:

And as warriors of Ishtar!

Ishtar devotees:

Great Goddess of old and of today!
Mother of the free!

Lead Pan devotee:

And as warriors of Pan,

Pan devotees:

God of the wild,
God of fleshly delight!

Lead Lucifer-of-Sophia devotee:

And as warriors of Lucifer-of-Sophia!

Lucifer-of-Sophia devotees:

Serpent of Wisdom!

Lead Lilith devotee:

And as warriors of Lilith!

Lilith devotees:

Rising Queen of our world,
Queen of this age!

Main leader:

Gods of the world we love,
May we stand firm
against the tyranny of Your enemies,
as together we approach, with reverence,
the infernal Mystery.
Hail, Satan!


Hail, Azazel!

The ritual refers to devotees of each of the five Rising Gods as "warriors." By "warriors" we mean people actively working to promote social change of some relevant kind (or at least opposing one or more of the social changes that the religious right wing wants). This could mean political activism, or it could mean work on other levels, e.g. art, music, writing, or just talking to people. We expect core members of the Church of Azazel to be "warriors" in this sense, and we expect other members to support the efforts of our "warriors" in one way or another, at least in spirit if not on a concrete practical level.

(Those of our members who are recent converts to Satanism, especially those who have recently left Christianity, are not likely to be ready to take any kind of public or semi-public stand on any relevant topic. They, however, would likely be waging an inner struggle with their past beliefs, and we would expect them to be "warriors" in the sense of waging that inner struggle diligently and intelligently, e.g. by studying the philosophical arguments against traditional Christian beliefs and by learning about a variety of non-Christian religions, rather than just riding on tides of emotion.)

If you have comments on this ritual, or suggestions for improving it, please post them in the relevant thread on our Meetup message board.

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