The Cathedral of the Black Goat
The Black Goat Cabal

This page was once the home page of the Cathedral of the Black Goat website which was maintained by Diane Vera from November 2002 to May 2003 C.E. The Cathedral of the Black Goat was originally founded in late October, 2002, as an online-based umbrella organization for theistic / "traditional" Satanists of all kinds.

In May 2003 C.E., the Cathedral of the Black Goat agreed to divide itself into the following two distinct groups:

The division was not originally a hostile one, but became hostile only much later. For some basic information about the division between the two groups, see the Brief history on the Black Goat Cabal's Who we are page. For more information, see also this more detailed history.

The essays, rituals, and links formerly displayed on the CoBG website were, by mutual agreement with the reorganized CoBG in May 2003, displayed on the new Black Goat Cabal website until November 2005, when most of them were removed.

This site maintained by Diane Vera, who also maintains Diane Vera's Theistic Satanism site.