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Arguments against hardcore Christian beliefs:
The Bible and ancient history
(including the alleged historicity of the Resurrection)

In a counter-evangelism attempt, historical issues are best dealt with primarily in terms of Biblical contradictions, if possible. It is NOT recommended that you focus on extra-Biblical historical arguments, especially if you yourself are not a student of ancient history and thus are not in a position to evaluate historical claims. Even if you do know a lot about ancient history, extra-Biblical arguments are best used sparingly, as secondary arguments only, when you are talking to people who trust the Bible more than they trust historians.

On the other hand, newly deconverted ex-fundies -- or people who are strongly questioning their fundy faith -- should be encouraged to read extra-biblical historical arguments, to gain perspective.

Note:  I myself am not a historian and cannot vouch for the accuracy of the extra-Biblical historical references in the articles below. Many of the following articles also contain arguments that can safely be used by non-historians, e.g. Biblical contradictions and commonsense arguments, as distinct from arguments requiring knowledge of extra-Biblical ancient sources.

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