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To Satanists
(especially theistic Satanists, but also symbolic Satanists)

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2003 by Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

If you're a Satanist, please make sure you've read the following sections of my website. The following pages aim to dispell some delusions common in the Satanist scene (among other places):

For real-world news of relevance to Satanists, I recommend the websites and email groups listed on my page for Pagans, occultists, and New Agers, especially Paganews and FIRE. Among other things, they carry reports on the latest "Satanic crime" scares, and are much better sources of info about this sort of thing than any Satanist media that I'm aware of. They also carry news of political and legal developments of interest to all religious minorities.

I also recommend the news sections of the sites listed on my page for Atheists, agnostics, and humanists. They too carry lots of civil-rights news and info with an impact on theistic Satanists as well as atheists.

Below are two Satanist email groups that I'm aware of which include frequent postings on church-state separation issues, though not as their primary focus:

(These two groups, especially Satanic Patriots, are not oriented towards theistic Satanists in particular.)

If you're aware of any other good politically informative forums for Satanists, please let me know. In order to be "good," by my standards, such a forum must (1) contain frequent news about matters affecting our situation as a minority religion, (2) NOT equate Satanism itself with a particular political ideology, and (3) NOT be dominated by what I call Satanist Superman Syndrome.

If you're one of the few Satanists with an interest in counter-evangelism, you might want to join:

In addition to my counter-evangelism group, I also moderate some email groups for theistic Satanists, including Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian, for theistic Satanists from hardcore Christian backgrounds. Symbolic Satanists who wish to dialogue with theistic Satanist may be interested in Theistic-Satanists-and-others, for dialogue amongst theistic Satanists, symbolic Satanists, Pagans, and occultists

I am also coordinator of the Black Goat Cabal, a group of people working to advance the public visibility of theistic Satanism, and I moderate its public email group Black-Goat.

Theistic Satanists hold a wide variety of beliefs. If you're curious about my own beliefs, please see the Summary of my beliefs and other articles in the section titled Satan as the Muse of our civilization on my Theistic Satanism site.)

If you are one of the relatively few theistic Satanists from a hardcore Christian background, please see my page For Theistic Satanists from hardcore Christian backgrounds (as I am too) on my Theistic Satanism site.

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