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To Pagans, Occultists, and New Agers

Below are some websites and email groups that provide news of interest to the Pagan/occult community, including news of hostile actions by the Christian religious right wing.

So far, I haven't found any similar websites or email groups for New Agers. However, New Agers are denounced by hardcore Christians in much the same way that Pagans and occultists are, and for the same reasons. So, the above links are relevant to New Agers also.

Below are some not-very-active forums that discuss stratagies for Pagan public relations:

Please see also my Counter-Evangelism FAQ, especially my answers to the questions Why counter-evangelize? Shouldn't we respect hardcore Christians' beliefs if we want them to respect ours? and Do you have anything special to say to Pagans, occultists, and New Agers?

If you're interested in counter-evangelism, please join my counter-evangelism email group, which welcomes all people interested in counter-evangelism, especially members of certain religious minorities including Pagans, occultists, New Agers, Satanists (both theistic and symbolic), and atheists.

If you are also interested in dialogue between Pagans and Satanists, feel free to join another email group of mine, Theistic-Satanists-and-others, which is for dialogue between theistic Satanists and certain other religious minorities, including Pagans and occultists. (But, before you join us, please look at my Theistic Satanism site, including the section To Wiccans and other Neo-Pagans .)

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