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Attention:  gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Satanists

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2006 by Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

If you are a Satanist (of any kind) who is also a gay man, lesbian, or bisexual, one of the best things you can do for the Satanist scene is to be out of the closet about your sexual orientation when dealing with other Satanists - especially if you are also a public Satanist leader of any kind, or if you have a Satanist website, etc. It would also be very helpful if there were more out-of-the-closet Satanist transgender people. In my opinion, the very best thing that could possibly happen to the Satanist scene would be for it to become more associated, in the popular imagination, with both homosexuality and gender nonconformity.

Why would this be a good thing? Because it would scare away some of the Satanist scene's most violence-prone and most annoying people, namely the many kids who are drawn to Satanism primarily as a means of appearing "tough" and "badass" to their peers. It would also scare away neo-Nazis. Methinks the best way to rid the Satanist scene of both neo-Nazis and the majority of Satanism's criminal fringe would be to use their own homophobia against them.

Thus it would greatly lessen our public relations problems - at least in the eyes of those people who are otherwise open-minded enough to be inclined to accept us. Of course it wouldn't please fundy Christians, nor would it please ordinary conformist normal folks, but we can't possibly please people in either of those two categories anyway.

The number of neo-Nazis in the Satanist scene seems to have gone way down around the year 2000. Also at around that time, the proportion of relatively intelligent and articulate Satanist websites seems to have gone up somewhat, from a nadir of idiocy near the end of the 1990's. I think that both these developments were partly a result of John Allee, a.k.a. "Lord Egan," getting lots of publicity and being very open about his gayness/bisexuality.

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