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The "Beasts of Satan" murders in Italy:
The case which sparked Italy's recent Satanic Panic

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2006 by Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

Below is a sampling of media coverage of an infamous murder case involving members of the "Beasts of Satan" metal band in Italy:

The only skeptical commentary I've found about the Beasts of Satan murders is in the web article The Devil's Workshop? Vatican Cranks Exorcism Mill Amidst Sensationalist Headlines, Religious Rivalry, on the American Atheists site, February 21, 2005. This article doesn't question the murders themselves, or the guilt of the alleged perpetrators, but does question the alleged Satanic ritual aspects.

The Beasts of Satan murders have triggered a general panic about Satanism in Italy. Said panic has, in turn, spurred the Vatican to begin offering a course on exorcism. See my collection of links to articles about Exorcism, the Vatican, and the recent Italian Satanic Panic on my page about Exorcism, "spiritual warfare," and anti-occultism. For my own comments about the scare, see my page on Italy's recent Satanic Panic.

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