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Recent anti-Satanist scaremongers:
The lunatic fringe

by Diane Vera

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On this page I'll briefly mention various anti-Satanist scaremongers who seem to me to be lunatic fringe. By "lunatic fringe," I mean that I think they're probably not being taken seriously by very many people in law enforcement, at least at the present time. (Unfortunately, some other anti-Satanist scaremongers, such as Dawn Perlmutter, apparently are being taken seriously by quite a few people in law enforcement these days.)

There are many, many lunatic-fringe anti-Satanist scaremongers out there, and I don't intend for this page to become a comprehensive resource on all of them. I am much more concerned about the more-respectable-seeming scaremongers. But I'll list here some of the more interesting (for one reason or another) lunatic-fringe scaremongers I happen to come across.

  1. Traditionalist Catholics vs. the alleged "Satanists" in the Vatican
  2. Grand-conspiracy theorists in general
  3. Miscellaneous lunatic-fringe anti-Satanist scaremongers

  1. Traditionalist Catholics vs. the alleged "Satanists" in the Vatican
  2. At least some (I don't know how many) ultra-conservative Catholics believe that there is a conspiracy of "Satanists" hiding within the Catholic clergy, even within the upper reaches of the Catholic hierarchy, and even within the Vatican itself. The most notorious proponent of this idea has been the late traditionalist Catholic writer Malachi Martin. The alleged "Satanists" have been blamed for all the post-Vatican II modernizations which the traditionalists didn't like. More recently, the clergy pedophilia scandals have been blamed on an alleged conspiracy of "Satanic pedophiles." See, for example:

    I would imagine that the "Satanism" allegations, by two "eminent churchmen" with large popular followings, would have put some pressure on the Vatican to appear to take a tough public stand against Satanism. Milingo, in particular, may have contributed to Italy's current Satanic panic.

    I first ran into these allegations in 2003. For my reaction, see The "Satanic Ritual Abuse" scare - it's BAACK! - The alleged conspiracy of "Satanic pedophiles" in the Catholic clergy on my Theistic Satanism website.

  3. Grand-conspiracy theorists in general
  4. The SRA scare never fully died. It was pretty throughly discredited by the mid-1990's, but a hard core of believers remained. The staunchest believers have been extreme right wing grand-conspiracy theorists.

    Googling "Satanic conspiracy" brings up oodles and oodles of web pages; I won't bother to list them here. Instead, I'll just list some of the relatively few web pages which critique grand-conspiracy theories:

  5. Miscellaneous lunatic-fringe anti-Satanist scaremongers
  6. Here I'll briefly mention some lunatic-fringe anti-Satanist scaremongers whom I haven't yet grouped into any category large enough to warrant its own separate section on this page.

    • Jim Cairns, owner of the websites Satanic Ritual Abuse, Missing Persons and Satanism and The Missing Persons Issue Ireland. For some brief skeptical commentary, see More Satanic Panic in the UK in the blog Bartholomew's notes on religion.
    • Cairns believes that a vast Satanic conspiracy has infiltrated just about every Christian religious organization including and especially "Born Again" (evangelical and charismatic) Christian churches. In Satanism and the "Born Agains" he claims, "Many people rightly believe that the 'Born Again' movement is fascist in nature and in its practise! These fascist 'Born Again' Christians are against homosexuals and they believe in exclusive salvation . Exclusive salvation means to them; only those who are 'Born Again Christians' will enter the kingdom of God! All others will burn in hell! They are Anti-Christ." I find it rather ironic that he says the "Born Again Christians" are "Anti-Christ" because they are "against homosexuals," given that most of Cairns' fellow anti-Satanist scaremongers are themselves "against homosexuals."

    • More later.

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