An Exorcism of Jehovah
By Geifodd

Copyright 2006 Geifodd.

Please take note of the following before attempting this Exorcism:

If you are new to Satanism, it is very important that you REFRAIN from performing this rite until you have been a Satanist for at least a few years. This is not something to be performed lightly, and it requires a stabilized Satanic mindset in order to be conducted correctly. The stabilization process may take anywhere from a year to a decade in some cases. I believe that premature performance of this rite can cause some very serious complications, and anyone who is new or has just begun in Satanism should keep their spiritual options open for a while before making any firm commitments to the Prince of Darkness. The following rite requires a certain degree of commitment that novices naturally do not possess.

For more experienced Satanists who feel they are ready to perform this rite, please keep in mind that if using the name "Jehovah" seems inappropriate to you for whatever reason(s), please feel free to replace it with whatever synonym for the Judeo-Christian/Islamic god that you are most comfortable with (some examples would be "Allah," "Biblegod," "the God of Abraham," "Enslaver" and "the Tyrant God").

In the name of Azazel most holy,

Great Satan, almighty Lucifer!
I hereby command that the spirit of Jehovah
Depart from my mind, my body,
And my soul at once!

Begone Jehovah, thou foul spirit of

Deception, hypocrisy and ignorance!
By the midnight brilliance of Lucifer the Lord,
I recognize thee for the pitiful vampire thou art,
And I invoke the power of thy Adversary to bind thee
And keep thee from infringing upon the freedom of my soul!

Get thee behind me, Jehovah!

Get thee behind me, ENSLAVER!
Thou art naught but a vengeful ghost
To the ever-jubilant God of this World!

In the name of Azazel, I reject thee!

In the name of Satan, I reject thee!
In the name of Lucifer, I reject thee!

Depart, foul Jehovah! Depart from my life and from my soul!

Thou cannot refuse my command, for it is no less
Than a servant and child of the Prince of Darkness Himself
Who commands you!

Begone you vile spirit, and leave me in peace!

In the name of Azazel the Prince,
I cast thee OUT!

Hail Azazel,

Hail Satan,
Hail Lucifer!

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