About Your Friendly Neighborhood Devil Worshiper
By Geifodd ap Pwyll

How do you pronounce your name? Something like "GUY-vuth up POOKH," with the "H" sound at the end being very prominent.

How old are you? I'm younger than Star Wars, but older than The Last Starfighter.

How would you label yourself in terms of religion? I'm a Devil worshiper. Or a theistic Satanist, if you like. I can also be called a Diabolist, a Luciferian, a dark pagan, or just an occultist, plain and simple.

How religious would you describe yourself to be? I consider myself a very religious person. For me, religion is not just something you pull out of the closet on Sunday mornings. It is something that has to do with virtually every aspect of my life in some way. But this does not mean I am an irrational person who is opposed to science. My spiritual beliefs do not go against logic or science in any way.

What are your beliefs? I believe in a few very simple doctrines. I believe in the existence the Devil. I believe He has many different names; my favorite one for Him is Set. I believe He is a benevolent god, and I religiously worship Him as such. I also believe in the existence of Lilith, the Devil's Bride, whom I also believe is benevolent. I religiously worship Her as well.

What sorts of things do you practice? I enjoy spending time in prayer and meditation. I only occasionally practice full-blown religious rituals. Usually, I like to stick with simple prayer ceremonies.

Do you believe in practicing human or animal sacrifice? No I do not. I believe Set and Lilith would rather have me demonstrate my faith in them through positive actions that focus on creativity and life, rather negative actions focusing on destruction and death.

When did you first become religious? While I was in junior high school. You might say that the Devil just showed up one day and introduced Himself to me. It was love at first sight.

What do you think about other religions? I believe that there might very well be some form of truth in all religions, though it may be heavily distorted in some cases. I choose to put my faith into my own experiences and to not concern myself with what other people believe or disbelieve. I don't claim to have the one Truth, but I do consider my own experiences to be more dependable (for me) than anyone else's.

Why? Because I'm the one who's experiencing them. I know what I've experienced, I know what it's felt like, I know I'm being honest with myself about it, and I know I'm not just imagining it. I cannot have anywhere near the same amount of certainty about what other people claim to experience.

Do you believe in trying to convert people to your faith? No I do not. My belief is, if the Devil wants someone to believe in and worship Him, then He will reveal Himself to them just like He did with me. Otherwise, it's none of my concern.

Do you practice magic or witchcraft? No I do not. Unlike many other occultists, I have never seen any evidence or had any experiences to make me believe in the ideas of magic or witchcraft. I am simply a person who worships the Devil and His Bride, not a conjuror or magician.

Do you believe in the afterlife? I am open to the possibility, but I do not claim to have any knowledge about the afterlife whatsoever. In my beliefs, it is more important to be focused on this life. I think it's best to enjoy your time on Earth while you've got it, and not to obsess over what may happen afterwards.

Aren't you afraid of going to Hell? No I am not. I don't believe in "Hell" as Christians would describe it.

What is "Left Hand Path"? "Left Hand Path" is an occult term that has been used as a synonym for Satanism. But it's not easily agreed as to just what the term means. Since most forms of Satanism are about self-worship, then most people assume that "Left Hand Path" means self-worship too. But Satanists like myself are Devil worshipers; therefore, we would interpret "Left Hand Path" to mean the worship of a dark deity or deities. Due to the confusion over the meaning of this term, I tend not to use it very often. I would suggest that my readers think of it as simply meaning "dark spirituality" in general.

The Church of Satan claims that Satanists do not worship Satan or even believe in him. Why do you consider yourself a Satanist? Because the Church of Satan did not invent the word "Satanist," nor do they own a copyright on it. One definition for "Satanist" is "a person who worships Satan." And since "Satan" is just one of many names for the Devil, then I believe the term "Satanist" can apply to me in this context.

Do you believe in the Christian god? No I don't. I have not had any experiences or seen any evidence to make me believe in "God" as Christians would describe it.

But don't you have to believe in the Christian god in order to believe in the Devil? No you don't. The Devil is a pre-Christian concept as much as He is a Christian one. Many Christian ideas about the Devil were inherited from ancient Greek religion, Persian Zoroastrianism, Egyptian mythology, and the Sumerian culture. Since people have believed in the Devil long before there was ever such a thing as Christianity or even Judaism, then a Devil worshiper is not obliged to accept biblical theology.

Are you affiliated with the Temple of Set? No I am not. I have never been a member of the Temple of Set, nor do I think the Temple of Set would allow me to join, since my beliefs are quite different from theirs. However, I do consider the Temple of Set to be one of the most impressive "Left Hand Path" religions that exist today, and I have a great deal of respect for its members and their intellectual approach to the occult.

In what ways do you disagree with the Temple of Set? Well, in the simplest terms possible, I do not categorize all religions in the world according to "Left Hand Path" or "Right Hand Path," and I believe in worshiping Set above myself. Members of the Temple, in contrast, tend to worship themselves above Set. Also, magic is an important part of Setian philosophy, but I do not believe in magic myself.

What do you think of Anton LaVey? I think he was a reasonably intelligent man who did a lot to transform Satanism into a force to be reckoned with. But I do not agree with all or even most of everything he ever wrote.

Who would you consider to be your biggest inspiration? Dr. Michael A. Aquino, the (human) founder of the Temple of Set.

In your opinion, what is the single most blatantly Satanic rock band in the world? That's easy. Hands down, it's gotta be KISS!

In your opinion, what is best in life? Beautiful dark-haired women, fried chicken, Vincent Price movies, and the sight of a blood red twilight at Hallowtide.

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