Note by Diane Vera: This is an archive of a website which was maintained here by Geifodd from April 2005 until June 2006. A few months later, he decided not to call himself a Satanist anymore, preferring instead to think of his deity in non-Abrahamic-derived terms. Much of this website no longer reflects his current views, and he is no longer affilated with either the Church of Azazel or the Black Goat Cabal. However, many people have found his writings to be very thought-provoking, so I consider them to be worth preserving.

Devil Worship
Geifodd, Your Friendly Neighborhood Devil Worshiper

dev-il worsh-ip n. the expression of ardent love, devotion, and reverence toward a cultural scapegoat figure that is reclaimed as a slandered divinity. Usu. capitalized. Syn: Diabolatry, theistic Satanism.

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~ Hail to all the Powers of Darkness, Named and Nameless ~