A Rite to Astaroth
By Geifodd

Copyright 2006 Geifodd.

If you are interested in attempting to invoke Astaroth for yourself, the following is a method that I have used before in the past:

(1) Turn out the lights and light a candle. (It doesn't have to be black, in fact it should preferably be white in my opinion. If you don't want to use a candle, something like a child's night-light, but without any cartoon pictures or writing on it, will suffice. Just plug that sucker in and turn it on.)

(2) Stare into the flame of the candle (or the bulb of the night-light) for as long as you feel necessary. When you feel ready to do so, recite the following invocation, or one of your own liking:

"Hail, Astaroth! Great Goddess of Love and War! Lady Lucifer of the Twilight; O mighty Lioness of love's burning desire. I humbly invoke You, O Queen of Heaven and Earth; I invite You to come forth from the sky, to come forth from the ends of the earth and to come forth from the depths of the underworld. Hear my prayer oh blessed Whore of Babylon, and greet me as Your servant and friend! I wish only to get to know You, and to rejoice in the fiery light of Your majestic spirit. Hail, Astaroth! Hail, Astaroth! Hail, Astaroth!"

(Repeat this invocation as many times as you feel is necessary.)

(3) Now continue staring into the light. Begin to visualize a current of bright yet invisible energy emanating the light, and imagine that this bright, invisible energy is beginning to pour itself into you. When I did this for the first time, I soon began to get images in my head of Astaroth as a very attractive dark-haired woman with feathery wings dressed entirely in white, and riding upon a Lion. This visualization may be helpful for you, but if it isn't then I would encourage you to just let whatever pops into your head suffice for the purposes of the ritual.

(4) Once you feel like you've got the Goddess's attention, talk to Her and explain to Her all the things you feel. Unload all of your problems on to Her, and I think you might be surprised at what happens.

(5) When you feel ready to close the ritual, say something like the following:

"Thank you, Astaroth, for answering my call and for blessing me with Your presence. I must end this ritual now, but I invite You to stay near to me, as You see fit, even after I have said goodbye. That said, thank you once again for listening to me. Hail, Astaroth!"

(6) Blow out the candle or turn off your night-light and go into another room. You'll want to sit down and think about what you went through in the ritual; I'm sure you'll have plenty to think about.

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