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Theistic Satanists (also known as "Traditional Satanists" or "Devil worshippers") are those who actually do believe in and worship Satan as a deity, or who at least are strongly inclined in that direction -- unlike the majority of today's public Satanists, who regard Satan as only a symbol.

Theistic Satanists vary greatly in our understanding of who/what Satan is. For example, some base their understanding solely or primarily on a reinterpretation of Christianity, while others identify Satan with one or more non-Christian deities (e.g. Enki, Prometheus, Pan, Set, Shiva). Theistic Satanists also differ widely on a variety of other issues.

The Theistic-Satanism email group is the main forum in a family of email groups devoted to theistic Satanism. It aims to be a place where we can discuss both our commonalities and our differences in a forthright but hopefully non-acrimonious fashion. We welcome posts from theistic Satanists of all kinds except those who advocate violent criminal activity in the name of Satanism.

This forum, the main Theistic-Satanism forum, is for discussion about the many different kinds of theistic Satanism. It is intended for discussion AMONG the various different kinds of theistic/traditional/spiritual Satanists and people on very closely-related paths (e.g. theistic "Luciferians" and people who revere Satan as one of their deities but not necessarily as their primary deity).

Atheistic/symbolic Satanists and non-Satanist occultists and Pagans should not post in the main Theistic-Satanism forum, but are welcome to post in all our other public forums, such as Theistic-Satanists-and-others (T-S-a-o).

The main Theistic-Satanism forum does NOT allow posts from Christians and people of other relatively mainstream beliefs (Muslims, observant Jews, mainstream atheists, etc.) - except perhaps an occasional scholar of comparative religion, on a case-by-case basis. (Christians and other mainstreamers are invited to post in Theistic-Satanists-and-others-2 and Theistic-Satanists-and-others-3, which welcome posts from people of all religions and worldviews.)

The main Theistic-Satanism forum itself welcomes posts from theistic Satanists of all kinds except those who advocate violent criminal activity in the name of Satanism.

All posts in the Theistic-Satanism forum are moderated. After a few rounds of dialogue in the Theistic-Satanism forum, a member may then be eligible to apply to join one or or more of our more loosely moderated, semi-private, restricted-membership forums, such as the Black-Goat forum. Later, after at least two months of regular participation in both the Theistic-Satanism forum itself and at least one of the other Theistic Satanism forums (public or semi-private), a member may then be eligible to apply to join one or more of our even more private, unmoderated forums such as Theistic-Satanists-philosophical. Furthermore, in addition these other Theistic Satanism forums run by ourselves, some of our members run some high-quality private forums of their own, which you may be invited to join if you participate for a while in the main Theistic-Satanism forum

The Theistic-Satanism forum is primarily for discussion about theistic Satanism itself, among theistic Satanists, and primarily about spiritual matters.

Contentious political discussions will be redirected to Theistic-Satanism-ethics-and-politics. Likewise in-depth discussion of political and societal matters affecting the Satanist scene, including the "Satanic ritual abuse" scare. Likewise all posts which claim or imply that Satanists should endorse a particular political, economic, or social viewpoint. Likewise all posts about the internal politics of the Satanist scene, e.g. how a particular group is run. Likewise all posts debating the definition of "Satanism" or "true Satanism."

Also, please try to limit discussion about Christianity in the Theistic-Satanism forum. Feel free to talk about it briefly, especially insofar as it is relevant to your own personal background, or to an explanation of your own concept of Satanism. However, prolonged or in-depth discussions about Christianity will be redirected toTheistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian (T-S-x-h-X), Theistic-Satanists-and-others-2 (T-S-a-o-2), Theistic-Satanists-and-others-3 (T-S-a-o-3), Theistic-Satanism-politics, or Counter-Evangelism, as appropriate. In the Theistic-Satanism forum itself, let's focus on Satan, Satanism, and topics of positive interest to most Satanists, such as magick, NOT on Christians and Christianity. In particular, if you are from a hardcore Christian background and still nagged by a lingering fear of hell, the appropriate place to talk out such fears is Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian, NOT the Theistic-Satanism forum. If you wish to discuss ways to challenge the beliefs of Christians, please join our Counter-Evangelism forum. If you yourself are a Christian (or seriously conteplating converting to Christianity), please note that the only forums where we allow Christians to post are T-S-a-o-2 and T-S-a-o-3. Therefore, if you feel that you are teetering on the brink between Satanism and Christianity, the most appropriate place for you to post is T-S-a-o-2.

But the Theistic-Satanism forum does welcome extended, in-depth, non-acrimonious debate between different kinds of theistic Satanists about Satanic theology, magick, etc. Because of its association with one of the world's most comprehensive websites about theistic Satansim, the Theistic-Satanism forum is perhaps the very best place on the Internet for in-depth discussion and debate among different kinds of theistic Satanists.

The Theistic-Satanism forum tends to attract a much more intellectual crowd than most online Satanist forums. (The more intellectual participants in the Theistic-Satanism forum are eventually eligible to join Theistic-Satanists-philosophical.) However, posts to the Theistic-Satanism forum are not required to be intellectual or philosophical. They are required only to be reasonably rational and civil. The Theistic-Satanism forum aims also to be a non-intimidating place for newcomers to theistic Satanism to ask questions.

Although we do not allow Christians to post to the main Theistic-Satanism forum, we cannot prevent Christians from lurking here, since this forum is open-membership. Therefore, if you post here, be prepared for the possibility that you may receive private email or Yahoo IM's from Christians hoping to "rescue" you from Satanism and lead you to Christ. At least one such Christian -- a very strange one -- has been known to play some pretty nasty head games. To be prepared, please read An online exorcism attempt (and some very important warnings to all theistic Satanists online). I suspect that this person is only the tip of an iceberg, and that there will be others like him in the future.

To join the Theistic-Satanism group, go to its Yahoo home page, click "Join this group," and follow all instructions.

IMPORTANT:  Before you post, be sure to read the Rules for the Theistic Satanism forums.

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