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The Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian forum (T-X-x-h-X) is for theistic Satanists who were brought up in (or are otherwise deeply familiar with) at least one of the more hardcore forms of Christianity. These include Protestant fundamentalism, Pentecoostalism, and the more doctrinaire forms of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. In other words, those forms of Christianity which most strongly believe in the Devil -- and which see the Devil as manifesting in many different aspects of life, not just things that are "evil" in a human-centered sense. (In the case of Catholicism, I would consider to be "hardcore" both (1) those mainstream Catholics who accept all the official Catholic doctrines, including papal infallibility and all the sexual prohibitions, and (2) traditionalist splinter groups.)

Also welcome here are people who are strongly considering leaving hardcore Christianity and exploring alternatives including theistic Satanism.

Appropriate topics here include not only Satanism, the occult, and comparative religion, but also ex-Christian-related topics, such as dealing with ultra-Christian parents, overcoming a lingering fear of hell and other after-effects of one's upbringing, and practical difficulties with either leaving or otherwise dealing with ultra-Christian relatives, neighbors, etc.

Although we may sometimes discuss Christian theology, Christians are NOT welcome to post in Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian. Christians who wish to dialogue with theistic Satanists may post to Theistic-Satanists-and-others-2 (T-S-a-o-2) or Theistic-Satanists-and-others-3 (T-S-a-o-3).

Some posters may need to talk out nagging fears that Christian theology may be true after all. Others are urged to respond to such posts with rational arguments plus suggestions for overcoming those fears. Please do NOT reply by trying to shame the person, or by applying peer pressure.

Although talking about nagging fears is fine and on-topic, the T-X-x-h-X forum is intended for people who are basically not Christian. If you feel that you are teetering on the brink between Satanism and Christianity and not sure which way you will go, then it would be more appropriate for you to post in either T-S-a-o-2 or T-S-a-o-3 rather than here. In T-S-a-o-2 or T-S-a-o-3, your posts will remain on-topic no matter which way you're leaning at any given moment.

The Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian forum is not just for discussion about our Christian backgrounds. Let's talk also about our particular forms of Satanism, which are likely to differ from those of most Satanists. (As far as I can tell, the majority of Satanists, including the majority of theistic Satanists, are not from hardcore Christian backgrounds. Most are from only moderately religious backgrounds, and some are from non-Christian backgrounds.)

If you join us, it is recommended that you read the section of this website For Theistic Satanists from hardcore Christian backgrounds (as I am too) for some preliminary information.

All discussion here should be kept confidential. Posts in the Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian forum must not be copied or quoted in other forums except with the permission of all persons quoted. (The only exceptions are these: (1) If a quarrel breaks out, some posts may be moved or copied by the moderators to Theistic-Satanism-soap-opera, another semi-private forum. (2) Posts in the semi-private Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian forum may be quoted in the more private Theistic Satanism forums, or in the private moderators' forum.)

All posts in this forum will automatically be given the tag  [T-S-x-h-X]  in the subject line. However, the email address will be

HOW TO JOIN:  T-S-x-h-X is a semi-private, restricted-membership group. Prospective members are screened to keep out both Christian evangelists and the more obnoxious unholier-than-thou Satanists, so that, hopefully, you can talk out any Christianity-related personal fears or other difficulties without feeling unduly pressured from either side. To become eligible to join, you must FIRST do at least ONE (not necessarily both) of the following:

Then, AFTER you have done at least one of the above two things, you may apply to join the T-S-x-h-X group itself. Go to its Yahoo home page, click "Join this group," and follow all instructions. So that we will know who you are, please apply to join Theistic-Satanists-ex-hard-Xian using the same email address and Yahoo ID that you've been using in our public forums or in your introductory email message to the moderators.

HOW TO REMAIN A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING:  To help maintain privacy and a sense of fellowship, T-S-x-h-X has minimum participation requirements. Lurkers will be deleted periodically. To remain a member, you must BOTH (1) post at least one substantial message every three months in T-S-x-h-X itself AND (2) post at least two substantial messages EVERY month either in T-S-x-h-X itself or in any of our public forums, or in any combination thereof.

IMPORTANT:  Before you post, be sure to read these rules for Diane Vera's Theistic Satanism email groups.

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