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Contacting the moderators

Please write to the moderators ONLY about administrative matters concerning our forums. If you want to discuss Satanism or other religious or spiritual matters, please do so in the appropriate forums themselves, NOT in email to the moderators.   WARNING:  If you send us a sufficiently interesting message on a topic other than forum administration, your message may be forwarded to the appropriate public forum. More likely, messages to the moderators on topics other than forum administration will be ignored.)

To contact the moderators of the Theistic Satanism forums or the Counter-Evangelism forum, please send an email message to or post a message on the Theistic-Satanism-mod Yahoo home page. (You cannot join the Theistic-Satanism-mod group, which has only the moderators as members, but non-members can post to it.) Thus your message will reach all the moderators, including whoever is currently moderating.

IMPORTANT:  Posting to Theistic-Satanism-mods is a MUCH better way to contact the moderators of the Theistic Satanism forums than is writing to the "owner" address for one of our individual Yahoo groups. Messages sent to one of our "owner" addresses have a high probability of being perceived as junk mail and deleted unread, especailly if we don't already know you.

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