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  1. Current status
  2. About the Theistic Satanism Blog Network
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  1. Current status:
  2. Some of the information below is out-of-date because I (Diane Vera) have not participated on Facebook for a long time, and some of my Facebook pages (including the Theistic Satanism blog network page) have been hijacked. The information below will be updated if and when a new Theistic Satanism blog network page is created on Facebook.

  3. About the Theistic Satanism Blog Network:
  4. The Theistic Satanism blog network is intended to raise the public visibility of the more intelligent and articulate theistic Satanists. It is a means by which we can all raise each other's Internet visibility by linking to each other in a meaningful, high-quality manner. Blogs by core members will also be aggregated on the Theistic Satanism Blog Network Facebook page.

    All blogs in the Theistic Satanism Blog Network are required to put a link back to this page in such a manner that it appears as part of a links list (also known as a "blogroll") on every page of your blog (e.g. on a side panel). This means you'll need to choose a layout/theme/template that lets you display a links list or blogroll, or which gives you a choice of "widgets" including a links list or blogroll.

    It is requested that network members read at least some of each other's blog posts and occasionally respond to them on their own blogs. Such responses should contain links to the original post.

    If you are interested but lack technical know-how, please spend some time interacting with us via Facebook, after which I'll be happy to give you technical advice.

  5. Theistic Satanism Blog Network member blogs:
  6. Here's the list of member blogs, so far:

    1. Core member blogs:
    2. Other blogs by theistic Satanists:
    3. Blogs by symbolic Satanists or by non-Satanist Pagans and occultists:
      • None currently

    4. Blogs by people of other religions and worldviews:

    (As of June 1, 2011, the list above has been pruned to remove dead links, inactive blogs, etc. If your blog has been removed from the list and you want it listed again, please contact me.)

  7. To join the Theistic Satanism Blog Network:
    1. Basic membership:  People of all religions and worldviews are eligible to join the Theistic Satanism blog network as basic members, as long as they are willing to dialog with Theistic Satanists in a friendly, non-preachy fashion.
    2. Blogs must be on a blog host which allows you to display a links list (e.g. on a side panel), and preferably one which also allows you to use tags. Such blog hosts include Wordpress, Google/Blogger, and LiveJournal. (Myspace blogs are not eligible, for this reason.) For more about the blog hosts, see The blog hosts we use: A comparison.

      If you would like your blog to be listed here on this page, please (1) post a few substantive posts on your blog, including a self-intro post telling us about your spiritual beliefs and background; (2) put a link back to this page on your links list ("blogroll"); and then (3) contact me to let me know about your blog.

      Although blog posts of basic members are not automatically aggregated on the Theistic Satanism Blog Network Facebook page, basic members of the Theistic Satanism Blog Network are welcome to post manual links to their own blog posts on that page.

    3. Core membership:  Core member blogs must be devoted primarily to the topic of theistic Satanism. Core members must first become basic members, and must also get to know us via one or more of my Facebook groups/pages, as well as via our blogs.

  8. Possible future development:
  9. This blog network was originally conceived as something much fancier than just a simple listing of blogs plus a Facebook page. (See the 2007 concept.) Eventually I may write a script similar to what was envisioned in the 2007 concept, but not in the immediate future. (If I ever do, I'll have to come up with something less unwieldy than the topicality guidelines of the 2007 concept, which were derived from the rules of my earlier set of Yahoo groups.)