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Theistic Satanism Blog Network, 2007 concept:
Sets of people eligible to use particular network tags

by Diane Vera

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Once the blog network script is completed, there will be pages on this site containing automatically updated lists of posts with each of the following tags, a separate page for each tag:

There will also be a page listing Recent posts on all member blogs, with any network tag, for those readers who prefer a single unified listing, and there will be pages listing all recent posts, with any of the five Theistic Satanism Blog Network tags, by various subsets of our bloggers.

These subsets, and their rationale will be detailed below.

Participation in the blog network, as bloggers, is not limited to theistic Satanists. Bloggers of all religions and worldviews are welcome to join, provided that they are willing to include a link back to the main Theistic Satanism Blog Network page in a side panel. However, only theistic Satanists may post using the "theistic Satanists only" tag and have their posts show up on the page for that tag. Likewise, only Satanists, Pagans, and occuliists may post using the "Satanists and Pagans and occultists only" and "Satanisms and society" tags. These and a few other restrictions on blog posts and tags will be enforced automatically by the blog network script.

Based both on both their religion/worldview and on past blogging behavior, bloggers will be classified in terms of the tags that they can use and have their posts with those tags be listed automatically on the corresponding blog network page. The blog network script will recognize the following five distinct, non-overlapping categories of bloggers:

Blogs with flagrantly illegal content will be expelled from the network altogether.

The above nonoverlapping categories will be combined into the following overlapping sets of bloggers who are allowed, by the script, to use a given network tag:

The above overlapping sets of bloggers are related as per the following Venn diagram:

The network script will display only those posts using tags that a given blogger is allowed to use.

In addition to pages with automatically updated lists of recent posts with each tag (one such page per tag), this site will also have pages with automatically updated lists of recent posts with any allowed network tag by all bloggers in the above overlapping sets, one page per set of bloggers. These pages will be displayed for the convenience of those readers who, for example, want to see a list of posts by theistic Satanists regardless of topic or comment policy.

Given our requirement that bloggers link to the Theistic Satanism Blog Network page, it is unlikely that very many fanatical Christians or dogmatic LaVeyans will be interested in joining us as bloggers. But we're likely to attract other kinds of annoying people, including (1) those whose main interest is in promoting a social or political agenda, (2) those who aren't necessarily Christian, but who insist that Satan is totally "evil," and (3) theistic/"traditional" Satanists with an obnoxious unholier-than-thou attitude. Our tag eligibility structure is designed with these likelihoods in mind.

I myself have been writing mostly about social and political matters these days, but I certainly don't want my political posts to crowd out spiritual discussion. So, the majority of my own posts will probably carry the "Satanisms and society" tag, if I give them any network tag at all. I will require other politically minded folks, of whatever persuasion, to exercise the same restraint.

For more about our rules, please see Tag topicality and other rules and guidelines.

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