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A new kind of forum:
Theistic Satanism Blog Network
(as envisioned in spring/summer 2007)

I'm now in process of launching a blog network which will serve as a new and unique kind of forum. All people with a sustained interest in discussing theistic Satanism and related matters are invited to join us as bloggers. Others may post comments on our blogs. Our network can include blogs on any of the following three blog hosts: Google/Blogspot, LiveJournal, and WordPress.

Here on this site, there will be pages containing automatically updated lists of recent posts with particular tags on member blogs, one page for each of five special tags. Each such page can be regarded as a de-facto forum. I'm now in process of writing a script that will display these automatically updated lists of posts on the following pages:

There will also be a page listing Recent posts on all member blogs, with any network tag, for those readers who prefer a single unified listing. And there will be pages listing all recent posts, with any of the five Theistic Satanism Blog Network tags, by bloggers in the following overlapping subsets of our blog network:

The above subset pages are intended for the convenience of those readers who, for example, would like to see a listing of blog posts by theistic Satanists regardless of topic or comment policy.

If you'd like to participate, please begin now to experiment with blogs on one or more of the three blog hosts. Please see The blog hosts we use: A comparison.

It would be nice if you could also begin using network tags on at least some of your posts, so that your posts can be listed automatically on this site as soon as the network script is finished. Please see Tag topicality and other rules and guidelines. (Most of our rules will be similar to the rules for my Yahoo groups, except that I won't need to be as strict about some of them.)

All network blogs will be required to put a link back to this page on a side panel, as part of a links list, also known as a "blogroll." This means you'll need to choose a layout/theme/template that lets you display a links list or blogroll, or which gives you a choice of "widgets" including a links list or blogroll.

Blogs that will be participating include, so far:

  1. Blogs by theistic Satanists
  2. Blogs by Pagans, occultists and symbolic Satanists
  3. Blogs by people of other religions and worldviews

If you would like your blog to be listed here on this page, please (1) post a few substantive posts on your blog, including a self-intro post telling us about your spiritual beliefs and background; (2) put a link back to this page on your side panel; and then (3) email me (and be sure to include "Theistic Satanism Blog Network" on your subject line, to help me distinguish your email from spam.)

Once the blog network script is written and we have a critical mass of active bloggers, I'll probably be phasing out my Yahoo groups unless, by then, enough forum regulars have volunteered to moderate the latter.

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