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  1. Hinduism in general
  2. Tantra

If you know of any other good relevant websites besides those listed below, please let me know, and please let me know whether you want to be acknowledged publicly for your help.

  1. Hinduism in general

  2. Tantra

    As you read the following, bear in mind that Tantra is a secretive tradition. Thus, it's not easy to tell what's real and what's misinformation.

    Also, the following books on Tantra have been recommended by a source I'm inclined to respect. (I haven't gotten around to reading them yet myself, though.)

    • Aghora, at the Left Hand of God by Robert Svoboda
    • The Way of Action by Francis King
    • Tantrism, Its Secrets and Practices by Benjamin Walker
    • Secrets of Western Tantra by Christopher S. Hyatt

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