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Recommended anti-Nazi and anti-racist resources

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2006 Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

  1. Kinds of sites listed here
  2. Sites against anti-black racism and against racism in general
  3. Sites against anti-Jew bigotry
  4. Sites against Holocaust revisionism

  1. Kinds of sites listed here
  2. On this page I'll list sites that would come in handy for someone debating with neo-Nazis or other ideological racists. To qualify for a listing on this page, a site or page must feature good information or ideas that refute common racist, anti-Semitic, or other neo-Nazi claims.

    Such sites are rare among anti-Nazi and anti-racist sites, because most activists against "hate groups" would rather try to get their enemies censored than debate with them. The censorship strategy may seem a lot more efficient in the short run. However, it means that too many anti-racist/anti-Nazi activists have never bothered to make a case against racism. It also means that most people never get to hear any good answers to neo-Nazi propaganda, and indeed the refutations aren't easy to find. In the long run, this is a grave weakness for the anti-racist/anti-Nazi side.

    A site will be listed on this page only if I deem it to be substantially helpful in remedying the above weakness. Otherwise it might be listed on one or both of the following pages, as appropriate: Pages and sites by Satanists opposing neo-Nazism or neo-Nazi Satanist groups and Reciprocal links, web rings, etc.

    However, a listing of a site on this page does not imply that I necessarily endorse the entire contents of that site.

  3. Sites against anti-black racism and against racism in general
  4. See also my separate collection of links on The myth of "black crime"

  5. Sites against anti-Jew bigotry

  6. Sites against Holocaust revisionism

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