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[Note by Diane Vera, 06/03/2003:   Geifodd's views have changed since he wrote this article. For his up-to-date views, see his website Geifodd's Lair. Nevertheless, I'm preserving this article because some readers may still find the described ritual and techniques to be useful.]

Communication With the Prince of Darkness

By Geifodd ap Pwyll

Author's Note: Whatever messages you might personally receive by performing this ritual, though they may be very helpful, should NOT be regarded as infallible -- ESPECIALLY if one is seeking answers on metaphysical matters. Even the most talented magicians are still fallible humans. On such matters as the exact nature of the Prince of Darkness himself, this is something we probably will never understand, just as a dog cannot be taught to read and write. If we ask such questions, the answers we will get are likely to be, at best, metaphors. So please keep in mind that the messages you receive in this ritual, if any, will be entirely metaphorical and are not to be taken literally.

Get a black candle. Get some black clothes,preferably a black bathrobe or something. If youdon't have anything in black, just do the ritual naked. Sit in a room, preferably as large andspacious as you can get, and place the black candle onan elevated surface, like on the next to bottom layerof a shelf or something. Light the black candle. Turn the lights off. Sit on the floor, Indian style with your legs crossed. Have your hands in the Hornspose (thumb, pointing finger and pinky finger stickingup, middle and ring fingers curled down), and place them on your knees. Stare into the black flame for several minutes.

Focus entirely on the flame. Nothing exists except for the flame. Relax yourself and let all the tensionleave your body. Continue staring into the flame, and when you feel completely relaxed, or when you feel ready, speak the following invocation:

"Great Pan [or whatever name you wish to refer to Him by], Beloved Father, Prince of Darkness and Lord of the Abyss, I summon thee forth from the womb of Hell! Come forth, ascend, and make manifest thy Self within my mortal semblence. I lust to drink of thy infernal Wisdom! Share with me thy thoughts and make known to me thine Will, for thou art my Teacher, and I am thy pupil."

Now continue staring into the candle flame, and you should begin to receive messages from the Dark Lord in your mind. It might help to have a pencil and paperwith you to write down the things that pop into yourmind. But even if you decide to write what you see,feel, and/or think, make sure that you do NOT moveyour eyes from the flame of the black candle. Whenyou are ready to close the ritual (or if you feel thePrince is ready to close the ritual), recite thefollowing:

"Oh blessed Prince of Darkness, I give thanks to thee.I am honored to share in thy Wisdom! May we remainfriends and associates for time eternal. Xepera XeperXeperu!"

And thus the ritual is ended. A few words of wisdom:

1) Sometimes it is helpful during a Communication ritualto give yourself an orgasm after invoking the Prince. This is optional, but you might want to experiment andsee what happens.

2) If you would like to experience the Prince of Darkness through one of his feminine forms (such as Ishtar, Babalon, or Lilith), then feel free to switch the names and titles around. Whether you call it the Dark Prince or the Dark Lady, it WILL answer your call.

NOTE: "Xepera Xeper Xeperu" is pronounced "KHEF-er-a KHEF-er KHEF-er-OO", and it is Egyptian; it means "I Have Come Into Being, and by the Process of My Coming Into Being, the Process of Coming Into Being is Established."

Hope this works well for anyone who decides to give it a try! :)

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