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Prayer of acknowledgment of Satan's rulership

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2003, 2005 by Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

The following prayer is intended to be said as part of my recommended self-initiation rite. Below are (1) the prayer itself, and then (2) some notes about the prayer.

  1. The prayer itself

    O mighty Lord Satan,
    God of this world,
    God of my flesh,
    God of my mind,
    God of my innermost Will!

    Every part of this world is within Your power.
    You are within every part of this world.
    Every part of me is within Your power.
    You are within every part of me.

    I am Yours, whether I serve You willingly or not,
    for I am myself, whether I am true to myself or not.

    Of my own free will, I now acknowledge Your power.
    Of my own free will, I now present myself to You.

  2. Notes on the prayer

    As you say the above prayer, contemplate the presence of Satan pervading every part of "this world" and every part of yourself. Your attitude should be one of surrender to your own innermost self, which is assumed to be ruled by Satan.

    It is assumed here that your own innermost nature (your True Will, as Thelemites would say) is in accordance with the will of Satan -- or perhaps even a direct manifestation of Satan's will, depending on your theology.

    The point of saying "I am Yours, whether I serve You willingly or not, for I am myself, whether I am true to myself or not" is to acknowledge the primacy of deeper parts of yourself over superficial ego constructs, and to acknowledge Satan's rulership over those deeper parts of yourself. It is hoped that, by acknowledging these things, you will become better able to access the deeper parts of yourself, and thereby become more creative and better able to learn magick-related mental skills such as visualization and meditation.

    Another point: Depending on your theology, "this world," as in "God of this world," can refer either to the entire universe or just the Earth, or perhaps even just Western civilization. Think of it in whichever way makes the most sense to you.

    Note that one of the main points of the prayer is to become truer to YOURSELF. It is NOT about surrender to an entity who is perceived as being entirely separate from yourself. Satan is acknowledged as existing both inside us and outside us.

    Also, cultivating the deeper parts of yourself does NOT mean that you should stop THINKING (except temporarily, e.g. during meditation). It does NOT mean acting mindlessly on just any impulse that happens to pop into your head. THINKING for yourself is a vital part of being a Satanist.

    The self-initiation rite should be performed on three nights in a row. Then, for at least a few months after the third night, I recommend that you say the prayer of acknowledgment of Satan's rulership (either by itself or as the first of two or three devotional prayers, not as part of a full-fledged formal ritual) every night just before you go to bed, then again soon after you wake up, and again before meditation practice. It is recommended that your daily devotional routine include spontaneous prayer as well as one or more recited prayers.

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