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This forum is for ads relevant to theistic Satanism. All ads MUST have some specific relevance to theistic Satanism. All other ads will be rejected.

To make it easier for readers to find ads of interest to them in the message archives, it is strongly recommended that all ads contain one or more of the following tags on the SUBJECT line: (1) [group], (2) [personal], (3) [contact], (4) [literature],, (5) [business], (6) [nonprofit], or (7) [political].  More details on each of these categories below:

Ads may be as long and detailed as you like, within reason. (No more than 50 kB, please.) The more detailed, the better.

All URL's must be accompanied by at least a brief description of the contents of the website. Posts containing nothing but a URL (or nothing but a URL plus some very vague text like "Check this out!" or "This is great!") will be rejected.

Theistic-Satanism-ADS is set up so that replies to ads will automatically be sent to the email address of the person who posted the ad. Replies to ads should NOT be sent to the group. This forum is for ads only, not for discussion. We have plenty of other forums for discussion.

Posts from blatant "black circle boys" will be rejected. However, we don't claim an infallible ability to screen out the nutcases. So, when you reply to ads, especially group ads and personal ads, please take reasonable precautions. (For example, your first in-person meeting should be in a public place.)

Also, regardless of whether you are replying to an ad or replying to a person who has replied to your ad, it is your responsibility to make sure you are NOT talking to a minor before you begin any discussions of an "adult" nature.

All posts in this forum will automatically be given the tag  [T-S-ads]  in the subject line.

To join the Theistic-Satanism-ADS group, go to its Yahoo home page, click "Join this group," and follow all instructions.

IMPORTANT:  Before you post, be sure to read the rules for the theistic Satanism email groups. All these rules, except for the rules prohibiting ads and the rules governing replies, apply to posts in Theistic-Satanism-ADS too.

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