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Other theistic or theistic-friendly Satanism/"LHP" websites

  1. Websites, groups, and forums maintained by myself and current or former close associates
  2. Highly recommended theistic Satanist groups and websites
  3. Local theistic or theistic-leaning Satanist forums
  4. Temple of Set (ToS) and related sites and groups
  5. Demonolatry
  6. Church Lucifer (Nate Leved)
  7. First Church of Satan (FCoS) and related groups
  8. Joy of Satan (JoS), et al
  9. Reformed Church of Satan (RCoS)
  10. Christian-based duotheists
  11. Other theistic Satanist organizations (non-ToS, non-FCoS, non-RCoS, non-Demonolatry, and non-RCoS)
  12. Other websites by theistic Satanists and Luciferians
  13. Other Satanist or "LHP" organizations friendly to theistic Satanists
  14. Other Satanist or "LHP" websites friendly to theistic Satanists

Note: A link on this page does not imply an endorsement. Below, I list all relevant groups and sites that I am aware of which, to the best of my knowledge, (1) do NOT advocate violent criminal activity in the name of Satanism, (2) are run by people who have not gone out of their way to slander yours truly (although, for the sake of inclusiveness, this page does list some sites by people who dislike me and many sites by people who have strong disagreements with me), and (3) can be viewed without enabling scripts, cookies, etc. (Regarding the latter issue, see Some computer technical issues, especially the section To those who have websites: Some web design tips.)

  1. Websites, groups, and forums maintained by myself and current or former close associates
  2. Besides this Theistic Satanism site, I administer the following:

    Below are websites by current or former close associates of mine:

  3. Highly recommended theistic Satanist groups and websites
  4. Below are websites by people I've never had a close connection with, but which I personally consider to be among the best theistic Satanist sites on the web. Tastes vary, so you may find what you consider to be greater gems further down on this page.

    The above sites are also listed again further down, in appropriate categories.

  5. Local theistic or theistic-friendly Satanist forums
  6. Listed below are online forums that welcome theistic Satanists, of a variety of different kinds, who live in a given local area.

    If you own or know of any other nonsectarian local theistic or theistic-leaning Satanist forums, please let me know.

    If you are not interested in online discussion but want just want to meet Satanists offline, with as little as possible in the way of online preliminaries, try attending a local Satanism Meetup, if there's one in your area. If there isn't one in your area, you can, for a fee, use the Meetup website to help you organize a Satanism Meetup group yourself. Or try posting a notice in Theistic-Satanism-ads with your locale as part of the subject line.

  7. Temple of Set (ToS) and related sites
  8. The ToS is the oldest aboveground theistic Satanic-related organization still in existence. However, the ToS apparently does not consider itself to be "Satanist" per se. See The Black Beyond Black by Don Webb, and see the ToS General Information Letter. In any case, the ToS's concept of Xeper (becoming) has had a strong influence on subsequent theistic Satanists.

  9. Demonolatry
  10. In 1997 C.E., Stephanie Connoly put up a website called "Tezrian's Vault," which was about "Demonolatry" - the worship of Demons. In 1998 the site's name was changed to A few other "Demonolatry" sites appeared soon afterward, all of which disappeared by 2003 or so. The site itself was gone by 2001, but profoundly influenced subsequent theistic Satanists. It was the first website to advocate dealing with demons in a respectful way, instead of the hostile evocations of traditional grimoires. It was also the first website to contain a dedication rite.

    Fortunately, Demonolatry itself has now returned to the web. The Demonolatry websites I'm now aware of so far are these:

  11. Church Lucifer (Nate Leved)
  12. Nate Leved was a leading theistic Satanist in the late 1990's. He strongly influenced at least two other Satanist leaders, including John Allee, founder of the First Church of Satan, and Maxine Dietrich, founder of Joy of Satan. Maxine Dietrich was formerly a member of Nate Leved's Yahoo group Black Roses and founded her own Yahoo group in early 2002, after Black Roses shut down. Nate Leved seems to have completely left the Satanist scene, and his group Church Lucifer no longer exists, but his website Church Lucifer is still there and highly regarded by many.

  13. First Church of Satan (FCoS) and related groups
  14. The First Church of Satan (not to be confused with LaVey's Church of Satan) was founded by John Allee ("Lord Egan"). It welcomes Satanists of all law-abiding kinds, theistic and symbolic.

    • First Church of Satan itself. . In April/May 2003 C.E., John Allee temporarily decided to retire from organized Satanism. Soon afterward, he returned and began rebuilding the FCoS from scratch, with much help from Lillee C. Allee.
    • Society of the Onyx Star, founded by what had been the Council of the First Church of Satan until May 2003 C.E. It inherited most of the FCoS's former active members and organizational structure. It now exists mainly in Australia. Welcomes Satanists and LHPers of all law-abiding kinds.

  15. Joy of Satan (JoS), et al
  16. JoS has been one of the most popular forms of theistic Satanism (or "spiritual Satanism" -- their preferred term) since 2002, and is in key ways radically different from most previous theistic Satanisms. The JoS site has material which many theistic Satanists may find worthwhile, such as LHP-geared forms of meditation, psychic development exercises, and a non-hostile system of demon evocation. But it also contains ideas which many theistic Satanists will disagree with, such as the idea that the gods are really humanlike extra-terrestrial lifeforms who live on a distant planet and communicate with humans telepathically. One of my own major disagreements has been with the JoS's idea that new Satanists should perform a dedication rite ASAP. (See my article Pacts and self-initiation.) It also recommends an overall approach to magick which seems to me to be very hazardous to one's mental health, such as the idea that novice theistic Satanists, armed only with the fact of having performed that dedication rite, should begin trying to channel spirits ASAP. (See my page About the Joy of Satan system of respectful demon evocation.)

    During late 2004 and early 2005, quite a few of the JoS clergy left when the founder's Nazi sympathies became public knowledge. (Note that Satanists hold a wide variety of political views, ranging all over the political spectrum.) JoS has undergone quite a few other schisms as well since the group was first founded in early 2002.

  17. Reformed Church of Satan (RCoS)
  18. One of the most successful new Satanist groups to form within the past several years has been the Reformed Church of Satan, founded in August 2003. It has several websites, of which the most recent is called Positive Satanism. RCoS, which already has quite a few real-world local chapters, is a LaVey-based but eclectic, theistic-leaning Satanist group which promotes the study of many different occult traditions, with an emphasis on encouraging material success. The founder, Mike Grace, a.k.a. High Magus Noxaura, has gotten quite a bit of real-world publicity including this article in the Detroit Metro Times.

    (For a while I had some concerns about RCoS's use of Scientology material. However, Mike Grace has assured me that (1) RCoS uses only some Scientology teachings which he considers to be useful, not the entire Scientology belief system, much of which he considers to be wacky, and (2) RCoS has looked into taken the legal steps necessary to avoid any lawsuits from Scientology.)

  19. Christian-based duotheists
  20. Christian-based duotheists are the minority of theistic Satanists whose beliefs come closest to more-or-less pure "reverse Christianity." They believe that the Christian god is the creator of the cosmos and that Satan/Lucifer is literally a rebel angel, but that Satan/Lucifer nevertheless has at least some chance of overpowering the Christian god.

    • Some listings coming soon, probably.

    Some though not all Christian-based duotheist groups practice animal sacrifice  -  in contrast to the vast majority of Satanists, including theistic Satanists, most of whom abhor the idea of animal sacrifice. Furthermore, even those Christian-based duotheist websites which don't advocate animal sacrifice, and even some which outright condemn it, typically contain links to at least one website which advocates it. So, within the Christian-based duotheist category, I've decided to list only those websites I'm aware of which either (1) state specifically that they do not advocate the practice of animal sacrifice or (2) contain detailed advice on how to perform animal sacrifices humanely and otherwise legally. (Regarding the relevant Supreme Court decision, see my article on Animal sacrifice.)

    (Many Christian-based duotheist sites also contain links to at least one site run by a person with a longstanding vendetta against yours truly. For my side of the story, please see my Response to Myrmydon, Nero, et al.)

  21. Other theistic Satanist organizations (non-ToS, non-FCoS, non-RCoS, non-Demonolatry, and non-JoS
  22. Although there now seem to be lots of theistic Satanists online, there are still pitifully few offline groups which are also public enough to have websites. Hopefully this will change in the not-too-distant future.

    Other places to meet Satanists offline are the Satanism Meetup groups, which are typically tiny, but you can help them grow by joining one yourself and attending regularly. If your local Satanism Meetup group is dominated by atheistic symbolic Satanists, you can start your own more theistic-friendly group, if you can afford Meetup's monthly fee.

  23. Other websites by theistic Satanists and Luciferians

  24. Other Satanist or "LHP" organizations friendly to theistic Satanists
  25. Many of the following sites are excellent, better thought out and more informative than most of the more purely theistic sites I've seen so far, alas. (I use the term "LHP" in quotes because I personally have come to dislike it -- see my article LHP and RHP: What Are They?.)

  26. Other Satanist or "LHP" websites friendly to theistic Satanists

Note: In the above listing I use "LHP" ("Left Hand Path") in quotes because I personally regard the terminology of "LHP vs. RHP" as outdated. (See my article LHP and RHP: What Are They?) However, there still are plenty of people in the occult scene who do call themselves "Left Hand Path" (not so many who still call themselves "Right Hand Path" anymore).

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